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Young Faces Smiling: Changing Lives

Young Faces Smiling (YFS) is a 501©(3) non-profit founded by Dr. Eloise L. Young and Ms. A. McClarty in 2005. The organization is an educational enrichment program for youth. Young Faces Smiling primary objective is to empower young people through servant leadership.

Our Mission: Young Faces Smiling is an innovative educational enrichment program that connects students to celebrities and their career experiences.

Our Vision: Young Faces Smiling utilize pop culture as a catalyst to effect positive academic change. To help in the transformation of the learning experiences for students and ensure a YOUNG FACE will SMILE with confidence in them and competency in their academic achievements. Young Faces Smiling will focus on the real history of celebrities, entrepreneurs, and public figures that provide real-life examples that transforms into an enrichment program.

The organization derived its named from its founders name, Dr. Eloise L. Young and Ms. A. 'Face' McClarty. I was often serious hardly ever smiling as a child in which Dr Young loves to laugh and smile and her mentorship changed my life putting a SMILE on my YOUNG FACE. 


“Thank you so much for your thoughtful letters. I always enjoy hearing from young people who are curious about my career and the path I chose to get here. I'm so pleased to learn that many of you watch the TODAY show! I've always said that i have the best job in television, but with that, it took hard work, determination and patience!"

– Matt Lauer, Co-Anchor of NBC TODAY

"Being able to meet celebrities has changed my outlook on education for many reasons. Young Face Smiling has changed my outlook on education because it shows me that there are thousands of ways for me to be successful and that I should not just think inside the box but to take advantage of my education as a way for me to think outside the box when it comes to my future."

– Carmen, Bread & Roses HS 

"I think Young Faces Smiling is an excellent opportunity for students to develop transferrable skills that will make them marketable in a global economy. Students learn the power of networking and learning how to learn from others from both positive and negative experiences."

Melissa Cisco, Lawyer/Teacher, Transit Tech HS

"Teaching our students the art of communication is an important tool they can use to build good leadership skills and form a good foundation—all of which enable them to successfully follow their dreams and aspirations."  

- Terrie M. Williams, CEO of The Terrie Williams Agency


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