Young Faces Smiling is a non-profit organization 501c(3) established in 2005 that utilizes 'Reality Education' in order to incorporate practical applications into educational lessons for all students. Rather than focusing on traditional teaching methods, standard textbooks that are unable to catch and motivate the interest of students, Young Faces Smiling curriculum encompasses problems from various subjects that include a pop culture element to motivate and attract students. These lessons will focus on the 'Real History' of celebrities, entrepreneurs, and public figures who provide real-life examples and problems for the students.

Young Faces Smiling ‘Reality Education’ overarching goal is to motivate, inspire, raise the academic performance, graduation rates, college enrollment and employment readiness rates for at risk youth.

The mission will be achieved through:

  • Exposure to traditional and nontraditional career pathways provides interview and job shadowing interactions with celebrities, entrepreneurs and public figures.
  • Increase attendance, retention and reduce the dropout rates with at risk youth - Through the interaction of the various presenters it is our intention to encourage students to persist and complete their education.
  • Increase academic performance of at risk youth, specifically in research, math, reading comprehension, and writing skills.
  • Introduce through real tangible interaction with celebrities, entrepreneurs and public figures to demonstrate the value of education to inner-city students as they pursue future goals.
  • Improve communication skills through the use of technology, website, social media, & film.
  • Provide the opportunity for celebrities to visit the school/classrooms and/or students to visit the celebrities for interviews, presentations and an opportunity for them to give back.
  • Life skills development, training and career awareness.

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