Young Faces Smiling offers a multiple range of 'reality teaching' lessons delivered to students during the school year. YFS offer a variety of academic activities such as: reality writing, reality math, reading worksheets and other academic subjects that interact with celebrities, entrepreneurs and public figures. Reality teaching lessons focus on the 'real history' of celebrities, entrepreneurs and public figures who provide real-life examples and problems for students to solve.

Reality Teaching is media and pop culture entertainment elements from the outside world bringing it into the classroom to translate into Math, English, Science, Social Studies and technology principles as teaching tools to be taught to students to improve and motivate their academic performances while stressing the importance of education.


Our enrichment program is designed to teach students in elementary, junior high school, high school and college.


This educational interaction takes place in a classroom. This educational experience creates a once in a lifetime experience for students. Students not only learn about the celebrity but will also have the opportunity to connect with real celebrities. Sometimes it only takes one person to change the life of another and students are destined to have a memorable lifetime experience in this program.

Through ongoing evaluation, a significant improvement has been seen in the way the students who have participated have evolved. The students have improved in the structure of their letter writing, reading, math and more.  They interact better with each other, hold discussions, and conduct additional research to get details either from the article or about the person.

All students, principals, staff, board members, advisors, guests, supporters, celebrities, and entrepreneurs who contribute to the various programs and activities are encouraged to provide regular feedback to Young Faces Smiling.

  • Students are excited and motivated to participate in weekly lessons that are relating to pop culture and entertainment.
  • Students are eager to learn about new celebrities who will be featured in their lesson next.
  • Students are always willing to work and listen during a reality teaching lesson.
  • Students have the opportunity to meet a celebrity, entrepreneur and public figures in person for 'A Reality Classroom Adventure'.


Example of Reality Teaching materials (will email photos)


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